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Industrial Design

Our highly functional and aesthetically outstanding product solutions create a clear competitive edge for all our clients, regardless of the product complexity. Together with our partner Budde Industrie Design, we offer a variety of services including product and transportation design, industrial goods design, as well as end customer products. We create the products of tomorrow!


Our design solutions surprise and fascinate through high-quality surfaces and perfect design vocabulary. For product experiences that truly speak to all senses. A close-knit interaction between engineers, designers and our clients gets us there – from design concept to design documentation and realisation.

  • Design concepts (sketches and renderings)
  • Design documentation in 3D CAD
  • Free-form surface modelling
  • Manufacturing experience
  • Tool manufacturing support


From the very first touch, we can tell how well a product is designed. That is the reason, why all our product solutions are ergonomically thought through. And we build superstructures in original size to be able to test its suitability; even life size harvester dimensions do not worry us.

  • Checks of the field of vision
  • Haptic and usability studies
  • Accessibility and operation studies


Our prototypes bring ideas to life. They allow you to hold a vision in your hands and to experience it as a dimensional object early on in the process. Built in original size, they provide vital information about ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics, creating a solid base for important decision-making.

  • 3D print
  • Thermoforming
  • Vacuum infusion technology
  • Vacuum forming for small production runs
  • High surface quality, finish, colour and material authenticity


Using visual reality and computer-generated imagery long before production starts, give us a precise visualisation and joint target vision for new products. This way we avoid any unwanted surprises during the development stage and increase anticipation for the product. This also means marketing activities can start simultaneously during the development stage.

  • Presentations for management and strategy
  • CGI (Computer-generated imagery)
  • Interactive real-time simulation / Virtual Reality