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Sartorius: Branded Ecosystem

Branding an experience

Turning the huge Sartorius biotech and laboratory ecosystem into one branded digital experience. At all touchpoints. With excellent usability. And outstanding feel.

Human-centric design for high-tech environments

To shape the Sartorius experience our HID design team slips into the role of laboratory assistants.

Claudia Schönwälder

Now the Sartorius brand and its UX speak the same language.

Claudia Schönwälder,
Project Mangement & Strategy

One ecosystem one experience

One consistent user-friendly Sartorius UX for a variety of products. From laboratory device to biotech process management software.

Quality. Down to the last detail.


I really like HID’s methodical approach and cross-product mindset. Exceptional thoroughness and observing our system from the customer's point of view to meet their expectations, lead to exciting concepts.

Thomas Schink, Head of Embedded Computing at Sartorius Lab Instruments
  • User Research
  • Branded UX/UI Design
  • Design Systems and Style Guides
  • Usability Testing
  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • Design and Stakeholder Management
  • IF Gold Award 2013