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Krones: Unlocking Industry X.0

Transformation of Industry X.0

Fast. Efficient. And perfectly safe. Our pioneering Connected HMI unfolds Krones’ full digitally enhanced manufacturing power.

First of its kind

Connected HMI – a new dimension of planning and controlling complex beverage productions. Designed for the digital factory.

Shaping the future of high-speed digitised beverage industry. How cool is that!

Jie Guo
UX / UI Design & Strategy

Krones and the HID team on-site gaining insights for the design process.

Process Excellence

More efficiency, less downtime. The new connected HMI platform offers an improved line overview, fast response time and great usability for the operator. One of its user-centric features is the 360° warning light.

Digital Factory

The Connected HMI integrates seamlessly into Krones’ digital ecosystem. Allowing for a solid connection and accessibility between production and subordinated IT systems.


The graphic design is very modern, easy-to-understand and clear, visualising the complex data volume in bright colours.

Jury Statement,
Red Dot Best of the Best Design Award 2018
  • Branded UX/UI Design
  • Design Systems and Styleguides
  • Implementation Consulting
  • Industrial Design
  • Design and Stakeholder Management
  • German Design Award 2019
  • Red Dot 2018
  • IF 2018